About Us

Connect with fellow runners and local retailers.

Our Mission

We aim to make exercise a habit.

run2geo is a social running application that connects you with local events, training groups and retail sponsors.Find a group and motivate each other to exercise.Look for retailers to promote discounts and events.

Retailer Community

Why use run2geo?

Retail sponsors can take ownership of their running events within run2geo and create targeted ad campaigns.We have also built a free discount platform to increase repeat customers to your establishment.

Find Your Running Events

We are Your Support System for Running

Find a local running group or create one of your own. Build a training schedule for your friends or join a public one to meet new people.

A Wide Range Of Free Features

There are no required subscriptions to access our advanced features.

Find Local Events

Join local running events and find out what retail sponsors have to offer.

Have Friends and Family Track You

If it's during a training run or during a real event, you can have friends track you in our app.

Build and Join Training Plans

Join virtual training plans with fellow runners who have similar goals.

Get Retail Offers When You Need Them

We know what you need for your upcoming event. Look for offers on shoes, accessories, nutrition, and other products when it makes sense for you.

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