Help using run2geo

What is RunLive?  RunLive allows your friends and family to track you during a real local event or during a training run.  Friends will be able to track your route and even send automated voice messages for encouragement (they must use the run2geo app).  For a training run, simply enable RunLive after clicking on Run.  Everyone on your friends list will receive a notification to track you.  To enable tracking for a local event, just ensure to find your event on the map and click on Run during the day and time of that event.

  1. I can’t find my event.  Just send an email to with the event name and website link.  Once verified, we will add your event to the map.
  2. How do I find and join in a RunLive event?  You can find an event on the map or search under the RunLive events menu option.  Click on join to enable tracking during an event.
  3. How do my friends track me during a run?  Tell friends to download run2geo and find your event.  They don’t need to join in the event.  They just need to find you in the participant list during the event.  Note: The runner must have run tracking enabled within the app (just click Run).
  4. Can I restrict who can track me?  Yes.  Change your settings to Friends Only.  Users must request you as a friend in order to track you during an event.

Gaining geopoints for discounts – Points can be gained several ways

  1. You will gain a full point (1.0) for every mile when using the “run” button to track your workout.
  2. When syncing a device, you will gain a half point (0.5) for every mile walked or run using your device.  Any mileage gained through your device will be converted to geopoints automatically.  You can still use the “run” button to gain a full point on scheduled walks/runs.
  3. When creating/joining an event with friends, you will gain participation points just for recording a workout against the event.  You can join as many events as you want.  However, multiple users must join the event for it to be valid.

Using your geopoints for discounts – Points gained through daily exercising can be used for retail discounts.*  Simply go to the Discounts section to find a local merchant.  Discounts are controlled in several ways:

  1. The geopoints required for a discount depends on its value and frequency of use.
  2. A discount may have a frequency limit (ie once per week, once per month) on usage.
  3. Merchants may place blackout days on their discounts.  Please be aware that a merchant may not redeem a discount if presented during a blackout day.

Joining in training events – To accelerate attainment of geopoints, create and join in training events with your friends.  These events are a great way to perform virtual training runs/walks with fellow users.  Once created, these events will show under the Training menu option.

  1. Best Time – See who can finish the distance the fastest. Join others of similar pace to help push yourself.
  2. First to Distance – Your pace doesn’t matter here. Just complete the set distance over a period of time before your friends. Create these events to set distance goals each week prior to the big race.

Currently, Fitbit device syncs will not count towards events.  You will still receive geopoints from a sync.  However, event participation points will not be given unless the run2geo run option is used.

Finding a local running group – run2geo allows you to create and find running/walking groups in your local area.  Feel free to create a group of your own with friends or co-workers.  The meeting days and times will show on your home screen for the groups that you have joined.  All groups are reviewed by the run2geo staff before they are allowed to show on the map. 

Troubleshooting your run data – You can view your run history under My Run.  If a run does not record against an event (ie you recorded a run while in Airplane Mode or without internet access), then you will see a Sync button next to that run.  Otherwise, the run log can be sent to our Support Team for other issues.

Email us at for any questions or issues.

*Vendor participation in the discount program is voluntary.  Availability of discounts may be limited in your local area.